Using QR Codes – It’s As Easy As 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

QR Codes are the best thing that's ever happened to the Internet, if you believe the hype. What do I think of them? Just check out this side-by-side comparison to see how much easier using QR codes can be than using the Internet the "old fashioned way," using URLs. To Use a QR Code: Locate a QR code somewhere placed by a brand you want to connect with Get your smartphone out (if you have one) Open a QR code scanning app (If you don't have a QR code app like most people, download one) Scan Read More

Guest Post: What Baseball Means to Me

[This is a guest post from my Uncle Mike. He's a great man, a great Uncle, a retired Marine, and a huge fan of Baseball. He's also the man I know as "Uncle Fun." -Ron] Baseball was, is, and always will be the one dependable bastion of camaraderie and commonality amongst Americans of all stripes, for it is this great game that Democrats, Republicans, Moderates and Extremists all turn to for a respite from the rigors and grind of daily life. What adult among us does not still experience a childlike Read More

SEO Test For Employers Hiring Internet Marketers

When I left my position as the Marketing Director for Infront Webworks earlier this year, I was asked to help hire my replacement. I was happy to do so, because I knew they would probably have a challenging time hiring, for two specific reasons: First: I was the only employee who'd had years of solid experience and expertise with the nitty-gritty hands-on aspect of SEO and Internet Marketing (which is why I'd been hired in the first place) ...and I was leaving. So it was going to be hard for them Read More

Understanding a URL Structure (With Query Parameters)

Have you ever been on a website before, and noticed in the address bar that the simple little you've typed in turned into something very long and complicated, full of questions marks and equal signs? URLs (i.e. the address of the page you're viewing) can be pretty darn complicated, but fear not! This is a super-simple guide to understanding a URL's structure, broken down in a format that's easy to understand.Here's a sample URL that we'll dissect below: Read More

My Speech on SEO at Revenue North Colorado Springs

I recently gave a speech at a business summit in town called "Revenue North," which is a small conference of sorts for local business owners, all with the main theme of "growing your business." I had found out about the event when it was announced the year before and was flattered when I found out that I was selected to be one of the speakers for the 2013 event. I'd never spoken to an audience of that size before, and it was a great experience. As I was preparing my presentation, I looked at the Read More

It’s Pronounced “Stauffer” — “Au” as in “Faucet”

What are the more annoying things I've experienced in my lifetime is the fact that people just can't seem to pronounce my last name correctly. Really? Is it really that hard? My name is Ron Stauffer. Stauffer. Stauffer. S-T-A-U-F-F-E-R. In case you're wondering, the "au" is pronounced "au" as in "faucet." Years ago, my dad did a bunch of genealogy research to figure out exactly where the Stauffer family came from. We're obviously of German ancestry, but our particular family line comes from a family Read More

My First Experience Pitching A Business Idea

I love business. I love coming up with a new idea for a business; the process of building a business; marketing a business; and running a business. It's a total thrill. When I go on sales calls and earn new business, I feel like a winner. I get the same feeling when I come up with a new idea to try out in my business that makes money. Business is like a drug to me, and it's a good drug: like caffeine, it's good for me. It makes me more successful, and it stimulates me to keep going. A big part of Read More

When I Met General Martin Dempsey

In my spare time, I am a volunteer with a little marketing group in town called COSthink. We meet twice a month take on marketing projects for local organizations that need help with their marketing but don't know where to start, or don't have the time or budget to hire a marketing company to help them. Several months ago, we took on a new organization as a "project," and that organization was a Colorado Springs nonprofit called The Home Front Cares. Our challenge: help them figure out how to use Read More

A Father’s Perspective on Homebirth

If you know me well, you probably know my family is a home birth family. Which means, of course, that we choose to give birth to our children at home with a midwife in attendance. If you didn't know that about me, congrats! You will now learn all about a huge aspect of my life.My wife and I have five children, ages seven and under, so for the past eight years we've been consumed with all things pregnancy, babies, labor, and birth. This year, we're just now starting to take a breath from all the craziness Read More

Guest Post: Parkour is Not a Crime

[Note: This is a guest post, from my little brother, Ryan Stauffer. He's 17, and lives outside Pueblo, Colorado. As you will see, he clearly has a passion for Freerunning and Parkour. Slightly edited for brevity, I'm sharing an essay he wrote to help him spread the word here. -Ron] My name is Ryan Stauffer. I am 17 years old, and I am what you call a “freerunner”, or “traceur.” This means that I practice the art of Parkour. I have been training in parkour for over three years. It is my mission Read More