Keyboard Shortcut For “Don’t Save”

Here’s an annoying little bug: when using most programs on a Mac, if you close (CMD+W) or quit the program (CMD+Q), you’ll get a message asking

Do you want to save the changes you made in (such and such application)?

You then have three options:

  1. Don’t Save
  2. Cancel
  3. Save

do you want to save the changes you madeAnd if you’re like me, you’re moving so fast that it’s annoying to have to find the window, and click on the “Don’t Save” button and you wish it would be as simple as pressing one button to choose “Don’t Save,” but for some reason, only certain programs let you do so.

Most programs, including Adobe CS4 let you close without saving by just hitting the “D” key when you get the dialog box. But not many native Mac programs, including Text Edit. So here’s the trick:

Press CMD+D to select the option to close without saving.


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