Ashley Photography

I know a lot of photographers. So many, in fact, that I think I know more photographers than I do Realtors, and that’s really saying something. However; there are very few people who call themselves photographer who have actually earned that title. I know: I studied photography in College. I used to do film photography, and up until this year, I had a darkroom in my basement where I would laboriously “pour the soups,” developing film and creating prints for hours in the darkness and emerge, exhausted, with one or two good shots and a huge grin on my face. Neither of these make me an expert photographer, but I think they do give me a critical eye for the real standouts.

Mary Lynne Ashley is one of those rare professionals I am proud to call a photographer I know. I recently took my son to her studio, and after she snapped about a hundred shots, we finally chose one to keep. Here it is.


This is just a quick iPhone shot I took as soon as we got the finished print, so the quality doesn’t do it justice. My son was excited to see himself in print, and we were glad to have such a lovely portrait of the handsome guy. It now hangs proudly in our living room. Great job Mary Lynne!

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