Video: 1970s Fig Newton Commercial

I like TV commercials. I especially like a TV commercial that inspires me to actually want to buy a product. When I see a good ad, I cheer. When I see a bad one, I tweet about it, or show it to a bunch of friends so we can laugh at how awful it is.

This commercial, however, for Fig Newtons (a product that I actually like quite a bit) is perhaps the most frightening commercial I have ever seen. It really scares me. How did this EVER make anyone want to buy and eat Fig Newtons?!

Perhaps the worst part of all is that my mom used to sing this tune when she would serve us kiddos Fig Newtons after lunch. For years I thought she had made it up. Now I know better. And I’m scarred for life.

6 thoughts on “Video: 1970s Fig Newton Commercial”

  1. That is so funny after all these years that song popped into my head just today. That has to say something about the power of advertising if after 40 years I still remember the jingle…. Almost scary

  2. I loved Fig Newtons, and this commercial.

    But much to my dismay after buying a package yesterday, alas they (like our old friend the Oreo) are made in Mexico and (like the Oreo or any oreo dirivative) will no longer be purchased by my family.


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