Google AdWords Certification

I recently took two Google Exams: 1) Google Advertising Fundamentals and 2) Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam, and boy were they a doozy! (And by that I mean they were HARD!) I spent over 55 hours studying for both of them, but I passed which means I’ve finally earned this handy little certificate that says I’m Google AdWords Qualified.

This certification just shows people that I know how to run profitable Google AdWords campaigns and I can help businesses advertise online using the power of Search Engine Marketing. So if you need me to help run your AdWords campaign, just give me a shout. Actually… don’t. With all the time I’ve spent analyzing AdWords over the past few weeks in preparation for this, I need some serious time off. 😉

5 thoughts on “Google AdWords Certification”

    • Thanks, Alex! Yes, I recommend taking it. It’s frustratingly difficult, but I’ve found that it’s one of the few ways you can go directly to the source, and where you’re forced to spend time doing in-depth study on the way PPC works, right down to the tiniest detail. Go for it!


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