The Easiest Way To Make A Million Dollars

Of all the financial advice I’ve ever gotten in my life, one particular quote about money stands out more than any other. It wasn’t advice from a financial planner, or banker, or stock broker, either. It came from a plumber I know. The roughest, red-neckest plumber I’ve met. We were talking about money one day and he said:

You know, Ron, it ain’t hard to become a millionaire. Just make something that’s worth a dollar, and sell a million of ’em.

I think about this comment every day, because he’s right. To make it completely accurate, we’d have to modify it a bit to say “make something with a profit margin of a dollar,” but that’s really just semantics. The point is, it really is that simple. It’s a wonder why people (myself included) don’t think about life in these simple terms: I’m sure there are millionaires out there who made their money one dollar at a time just like this, who aren’t surprised at all at how simple it was.

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