We’re Moving: Boulder or Bust!

Big news in the Stauffer family: we’re moving! Later this month, I will be  uprooting my family of seven and heading north to Boulder, Colorado. I haven’t made a life change this big since I moved to Colorado from California as a teenager, so I’m not even sure how to let people know the news. Back in 1998, when we came here, we just told our friends face to face. These days, there are so many people I know that I don’t really see in person very often, so as impersonal as it seems, I think I’ll just write a blog post and share it that way.

Due to the conversations I’ve had with the few people I’ve told so far, I’ll just make this announcement in a Q&A type of format, anticipating the questions you might have based on what I’ve already discussed with some folks. So here goes, and if I didn’t answer any of your questions, feel free to comment and let me know.

Q: You’re moving?! Where?

A: Technically, we’ll be living in Longmont, which is about 15 miles north of the city of Boulder, but within Boulder County. For those who might not know, this area is about halfway between Denver and Fort Collins, so it’s about a two hour drive from where we live now (in Colorado Springs).

Q: Is this a joke?

A: No, this is not a joke. I’m not sure why someone would joke about it; we’re really moving.

Q: Why are you moving?

A: Why not? It’s hard to pin down to one exact reason, but to keep it simple: 1) we’re ready for a change in scenery, and 2) my wife, Rachel, has been accepted into the dance program at CU Boulder. That’s pretty exciting, and it’s part of a years-long effort for her to get back into dance after having five children (which is no small feat in and of itself!). I may or may not continue pursuing a music degree, but we’ll have to decide after the move, since I’ll have to balance it with supporting the family.

Q: Why Boulder?

A: This is the most common question I’ve gotten, and some folks seem bewildered about why we would ever leave Colorado Springs. Let me be clear: we like Colorado Springs. It’s been good to us, and it’s been a great place to raise a family. Our decision to leave Colorado Springs doesn’t mean we don’t like it—we just have interests and opportunities that are now leading us elsewhere. Fortunately, we’re being led somewhere close: Boulder is only a few hours away, so I’ll still be able to see many of the people I know on a regular basis… just less often than in the past.

Boulder is a very cool place. It’s one of the hottest tech startup areas in the USA, it’s a growing area, young professionals abound, there are lots of good jobs, and the music and art scene is thriving. Plus, being closer to Denver is also helpful, since a majority of the music and art in Colorado happens in and around Denver.

I like Boulder a lot. I first discovered it when I attended WordCamp (a WordPress conference) back in 2010, and it’s been one of my secret hiding places ever since. Since that first trip up there, I’ve been driving there about twice a year by myself to get away for a weekend. It’s very different than Colorado Springs in some ways: it’s 1/4 the size, the cost of living is much higher, etc. But it’s also very similar in some ways: it’s also an active, athletic community, and they also have mountains on the southwest side of town that you can see from anywhere… they’re just called the Flatirons instead of Pikes Peak.

Q: What will you be doing for work?

A: Great question. Fortunately, with technology, I can keep doing what I’ve always been doing, without having to change. At least for the near future, I’ll keep working the same job(s) I have: working with clients on marketing and IT and helping Stauffer & Sons Construction continue to grow and hopefully dominate the custom home building market in the Pikes Peak region. Who knows? Maybe I’ll start my own tech startup in my spare time.

Q: Will you be moving back to Colorado Springs?

A: I’ve gotta say, this question really confuses me. Does anybody really plan on moving away, just to move back? I don’t mean that sarcastically, but no, this is not a “boomerang” move (is that even a thing?). We’re not planning on moving back to Colorado Springs. We’re not opposed to it, but we have no plans for it. Odds are, if we move again soon, it will be to somewhere warmer (i.e. where it doesn’t snow). I envision an island in the future, or somewhere that at least has a beach with warm water.

Q: When are you leaving?

A: If our house sells as planned, we close on May 31st, so that’s the day we’ll drive up and start living in our new house.

Q: Will we see you again?

A: Of course! As I said, it’s only two hours away, and I still have work and opportunities in the Springs, so I’ll be back occasionally. Just not every day. Plus, don’t forget, you can always come visit us. There’s plenty to do up this way, and we’d love the company.

Q: I can’t believe it?

A: Is that even a question? I know, we can’t believe it either, but it’s a good thing. We’re excited about it.

It’s been a good run in Colorado Springs. My wife moved here from Southern California as a small child because her family found a better opportunity here. My family moved here from Northern California because they found a better opportunity here. We met here, married here, and are well into raising five children here. It’s been good, but it’s time to open the next chapter of our lives and we’ve found a better opportunity somewhere else. We’re looking forward to it, the kids are looking forward to it, and it’s going to be an adventure. If you’re reading this and we know each other, let’s definitely keep in touch. We’re only a phone call or email away!

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