What Ever Happened to Blogs?

Remember blogs? Many years ago, I remember doing searches on “my favorite search engine” (usually Yahoo or Ask.com back then) for various things like song lyrics and music or movie reviews… and I’d find lots of little websites run by normal people with great content on that exact topic.

I’ve been wondering about this for a while: where did they all go? What happened to all the little blogs? I think it was the walled-garden social media accounts that killed them: now people post their random, ephemeral thoughts on Facebook or Twitter, people read it, click “like,” and it all gets washed away in the feed and forgotten about forever.

That’s is, unless someone they’re connected to comments on it, which keeps the post alive for a few days, but that’s about it. That’s lame.

Back in the days of MySpace, people used to write things on various blogging platforms and leave them up for the whole world to see, and we often wondered if anybody ever read what we wrote but we weren’t sure, because people couldn’t comment and we didn’t know anything about web analytics.

I remember some of the oldest platforms, like LiveJournal, and Blogger, where people that I knew had a little slice of the internet with an address like yourname.blogspot.com. I started my first blog on Xanga (weird name, awesome platform) That was back in 2005, so it was 18 years ago—crazy!

I just wrote random notes about anything and everything that came to my mind and I even had a little box to display what music I was listening to at the moment.

Those little blogs were fun. I miss those. It’s time to bring them back.

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