Video: Why Use Online Video?

It’s video time again! This time around, I made an online video to tell you all about… online video! Why? Well, I could explain everything by writing paragraphs of information all about the benefits of video and how well it works to market yourself online, or you could just watch this video to find out.

Oh yeah, in case you’re the skeptical type, or just a real stickler for numbers and statistics, I’m citing my sources below, and I’ve also added some helpful links to view the examples I talk about as well.

Helpful Links/Sources Cited:

Video: BlendTec Blenders Video: Hamster on a Piano
Two Billion People on the Internet Video: Old Spice Guy
Video: Mac Guy/PC Guy Video: Taco Bell Chihuahua
Video: Michelin Man Superbowl Ads Cost $3 Million
71% of Online Adults Use Video Sharing Sites 30% of All Traffic on the Entire Internet is Video
64% of Americans Watch Online Videos at Work 42% of Americans Watch Videos on Their Phone (in the Bathroom)
3 Billion YouTube Videos Viewed Every Day 300 Million YouTube Users Every Month
Best Day to Sell using Video is Sunday/Worst is Wednesday People are 85% More Likely to Purchase a Product After Watching a Video
200-300% Clickthrough Rate Increase When Using Video in Marketing Email In-home Viewing up 0.2%, Online Viewing up 35%

What do think? What are some online videos you’ve seen that have impacted you? What’s your favorite video advertising campaign?

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Video Transcript:

“Hi there! I’m Ron Stauffer. Today I had an important message I wanted to share with you. So I collected my thoughts, did some research, wrote it down and now I’m recording it and putting it in an online video. Why? …that’s exactly what I want to  talk to you about.

I’m doing an online video to show you how powerful an online video is. I’ve worked in online marketing for several years and you know what I’ve noticed? Videos are attention getters. Powerful ones. I mean, have you ever looked at the face of somebody watching a video? They look like zombies! [Staring at video: “Uh hold on, I’m watching this.]

Videos attract eyeballs. Eyeballs translates into people. And when people watch your videos, they’re getting your message. Online video has several huge benefits. It’s engaging!  (“Ron?” “Hold on, it’s almost done.) Once its out there, its out there forever.  If you sell products you can show off your products in a way that pictures never could. “Wow I had no idea that a Blendtec could blend a set of Nike Air Jordans. Now I really want a Blendtec blender!” Plus online video is really easy to share with others.  “Dear Mom, you’ve got to see this video of a hamster eating popcorn on a piano. It will change your life! Love, your son Ron.”

With an estimated 2 billion people on the internet, you can get an enormous amount of search traffic with your video. There are literally tons of companies (stops to think..literally? Figuratively.) who have successfully used online videos to sell their products. Remember Old Spice guy, Mac guy and PC guy, Taco Bell Chihuahua, Michelin man? The list goes on and on. I mean, come on, why do you think SuperBowl ads cost 3 million dollars each? Because they work! But having an online video for your business can have incredible cost benefits.  (YouTube is free!)

Online videos are exciting. People like to watch them, they like to share them with their friends and family and best of all, they like to buy your products and services if they believe what they see. So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you have an online video?

Don’t believe what I say? Lets look at the numbers. A full 71% of online adults use video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. That’s over half of all the adults in the United States. Also wealthier users tend to use online video more. Over 30% of all traffic on the entire internet is…. drumroll please: people watching online videos! Also 64% of Americans watch online videos while at work… and 42% of them watch online videos on their phone in the bathroom. (Who does this research anyway?)

Just think about YouTube, the world’s biggest video sharing site. I’m sure you’ve watched at least a dozen videos on YouTube and so have a lot of other people. According to YouTube’s own statistics over 3 billion videos are viewed every day and over 800 million users visit the site every month. That’s a lot of users!  Fun fact: the best day to sell a product online using a video is Wednesday; the worst is Sunday.

Website visitors who view product videos are over 85% more likely to purchase that item, than those who don’t view product videos. Also adding an online video to an email increases click through rates 200-300%! Online video is fast encroaching on television. Want proof? In-home TV viewing in 2011 went up .2% from the year before. Online video? Up 35%. Now that’s crazy growth. So if you’re serious about promoting your products and services, you’ve got to check out online video. Now you’ve seen just how effective it can be. And I KNOW how effective it can be. Know how? You’re watching this video!”

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. We have a large percent of the population that are more likely to pay attention to a video than they ever would to a written report. It’s a medium they have become very accustomed to and will be using more in the future.



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