A Font In My Own Handwriting

I just found the coolest service online: a way to turn my own handwriting into a font for my computer and, (as evidenced here), my own website. If you’re pretty tech savvy, it’s fairly simple.

Step 1: go to Fontifier and upload your handwriting to create the font. It’s just nine bucks and you get to keep it forever.

Step 2: visit Fontsquirrel’s @font-face generator. Take your font you made earlier, and upload it. The service will convert it and give you a kit to download.

Step 3: download the kit, then upload it via FTP to your website. There are a few tweaks to get it working just right, but it’s pretty simple.

Bingo! You’re done! Create a blog post to test it.

Final step: if you’re sloppy like me, practice on your handwriting more!

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