Video: What Is User Experience Design, and Why Does it Matter?

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This is a video I helped create with the talented folks at CodeCraft School of Technology in Boulder, CO. I wrote the questions, prepared and interviewed the subject matter experts, and offered direction for editing the finished project.

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My goal with this video was to tell a very specific story, one very light on sales and very heavy on education. Specifically, I wanted it to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Define what UX design is, and what it isn’t. Differentiating between UX vs UI (user experience vs user interface) design and explaining why that’s an important distinction.
  2. Outlining why UX design matters for brands, organizations, employers, and users.
  3. Demonstrating the biggest challenges in the field of UX design, and describing “what’s next” for UX designers to try to tackle.
  4. Showing the current demand for UX designers in the workforce, how the future demand will be even greater than it is today, and how it’s not just technology companies that are interested in hiring UX designers.
  5. Give examples of the types of professional backgrounds most suited for a career in UX design and showcasing the diversity that UX designers can have.
  6. Outlining the various tools that UX designers use on a daily basis, and calling attention to the fact that UX design is not always a completely digital endeavor.

One of the most important parts of this video was that I wanted to ask each of the three people that I interviewed the exact same questions and show their variation in their answers.

I knew each of the subjects—without talking to each other—would give us a slightly different perspective but ultimately support the same basic thesis

  1. UX design is a promising career for the 21st Century
  2. You don’t need a computer science or graphic design degree to join the field
  3. The program that CodeCraft offered was uniquely suited to give students the skills they would need to compete in the workplace.


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