Yes, This Is an iPad. Now Leave Me Alone.

I love my iPad. I also hate my iPad. Here’s why.

When I need some quiet time to think, or relax, I’ll often go to my home away from home (Starbucks), pull out my iPad, turn off my phone, and start reading a new eBook I’ve just bought on web design, marketing, or something similar.

Every few minutes or so, a random stranger will walk up to where I’m sitting, awkwardly try to catch my attention, and start talking.

Stranger: Is that an iPad?

Me: Yep.

Stranger: Do you like it?

Me: Yep.

Stranger: I’ve read alot about them… I hear they’re (a piece of junk / totally awesome / a great buy / way too expensive, et al).

Me: Yep. I’ve heard that too.

Stranger: […]

Me: [… blink … ]

Stranger: But you like yours, right?

Me: Yep.

Stranger: Well, nice talking to you.

Me: Yep. [Smiles politely]

Believe me, I’m not antisocial or rude, but these conversations seem pointless. And they are annoying just based on the sheer number of times this exact same scenario plays out.

So if you ever see me at Starbucks, quietly reading my iPad, now you know. Let me save you the hassle. You don’t even have to ask me: I do like it, a lot.

Now please leave me alone.

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