Tumblr in Under One Hour

Ok, I admit it. I’m a web developer and I’m using Tumblr. Sue me. 🙂

In all honestly, I’m completely stunned by my very first try with the the world’s supposedly fastest—and easiest—blogging platform: Tumblr. Guess what? It truly is as easy as they say. So I created a blog for myself. A super-tiny repository to house the various nuggets of wisdom I’ve collected over the years, from my own experience and from the wisdom of others.

I decided to set a challenge for myself, to see if it was even possible.

The Challenge:

Create a brand new blog, with a distinct focus, separate from anything else I’ve ever done, from start to finish in less than one hour, and for less than $20.

I’m proud to say it worked. I created an entire new outlet for expressing myself, all the way from concept to completion in less than one hour. And all for $13.86. In the span of only one hour, here’s what I accomplished:

  • Chose a purpose for the blog
  • Found an available domain name
  • Registered the domain
  • Created a Tumblr account
  • Chose a theme and edited the layout
  • Pointed the domain’s A records to Tumblr.com
  • VoilĂ ! My very own micro-blog, with my own domain, for free, and it’s even tracked by Google Analytics. Impressive, eh? They even make a little favicon for me.

Here it is: Biz Axioms. A collection of axioms that relate to business in one sense or another.

Over the past several years, I made scratch notes to myself for these little axioms on yellow post-its and placed them in various places of my house, car, office, etc… Until now, I’ve never had a place to put them—and share them. So I’m glad I finally took the plunge. Tumblr—you’ve done your job, and I’m impressed. Beautiful.

Now, on to my next challenge. Post an update every day!

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