Never Sit in the Same Chair

I like taking classes. Especially classes outside of a traditional school environment, and when I don’t have to do homework. So I take lots of them. I take extracurricular classes all the time. Free classes, paid classes… I’ve taken classes on all kinds of things: bonsai gardening workshops, how to get out of debt, public speaking, writing, basic accounting small businesses classes, Citizens’ Academies put on by my local government, classes on social media, and much, much more. I have an insatiable appetite for learning.

When I take a class, I have a rule for myself: never sit in the same chair. Something funny I’ve noticed is that after the first time your class meets (if they do meet more than once), everybody starts to get territorial over “their” seat. They choose a spot in the beginning, and keep coming back to that same place each time. I really don’t see the point of doing this. Instead, I’m that annoying guy who shows up before you do in class and takes “your” seat. Why? Because it’s not your seat. It’s a seat that nobody was sitting in when I came into the room, and it looked good to me, so I took it. Nobody ever says anything, but I can tell from their faces that it bothers some people. And I really don’t care that much.

I think everybody should switch seats, all the time. It’s amazing how much better you can get to learn about a subject, and get to know your fellow classmates if you keep moving around. Try it sometime—you’ll get to see your teacher from a new perspective, and you’ll probably learn more because you’re going to be less tempted to talk with your friends and more inclined to meet people you don’t know and learn their story.

Also, you may have to try sitting in a new seat next time because I’ll probably take yours if you’re not careful.

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