Take Me Off Your Text Message List!

A while ago, I was zipping down the interstate, listening to the radio (which I rarely do.) There was a contest to win tickets to see Kenny Chensey live, and all you had to do to enter was text some word like “kenny” to some number like 55555. So I did. I like Kenny Chesney, and I like free concerts even better.

I didn’t win.

What I didn’t know is that by entering the contest, I also had signed up to be a part of the radio station’s lame text message list. So about three times a week, I’d get these annoying messages like “Listen tomorrow to Bonesaw and Winky at 9:00 for the Justin Bieber flyaway contest!!!!” which I was totally uninterested in.

So after trying unsuccessfully to “unsubscribe” from their list several times by responding with various messages like “unsubscribe,” “take me off your list,” “delete,” etc… I FINALLY figured it out. After sending an exhausting amount of thoughtful, creative text messages back, I found the one that worked.


If you ever get stuck in an endless loop of obnoxious text messages, just reply with “quit” and you’ll be unsubscribed right away. At least it worked for me. Whew. I’m so glad that’s over. And I’m never entering a text-message contest again. And I hate Justin Bieber.

(Note: did you try this? And if so, did it work for you? If you found a way that worked, leave a note in the comments section and let others know what you used that worked to help unsubscribe you from a text message list!)

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  1. OMG- you just saved me 100s of future headaches after my own months long on-going saga of trying to get off a similar list…THANK YOU!!!

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