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I’m In Tucson Now

I’ve been blogging on and off (mostly off) since 2010. Aside from having an interesting place to store my inner musings publicly, almost nothing has ever come of it.

When I first started, I was in Colorado Springs. Then I posted a few things when I lived in Boulder County, Colorado. Now it’s over 12 years later and I’m in Tucson, Arizona.

So here I am: it’s time to dust off the blog and revive it. I hope you’re ready for me. I have no idea what’s coming next but I want to breathe some life into this again.

Having said that, here’s an experiment I’d like to run. If you’re an actual, real-live human being, can you comment on this post and say “I’m here” just so I know that actual living persons are reading this?


Ron Stauffer


By Ron Stauffer

Ron Stauffer is a web designer, web developer, and internet marketer in Tucson, Arizona. He started his first company in 2008 and has been trying to help fellow solopreneurs and freelancers excel since that time. He like scuba diving, running, and swimming, and doesn't like writing in the third-person.