It’s Time To Go Electronic (For Real)

I was talking to a client a while ago who happens to be my dad’s age. I told him that he needed to get an iPhone or Palm Pilot or some other electronic daily planner. I’d been egging him to “go electronic” for months, and that once he did, he would wonder why he hadn’t sooner. He was constantly misplacing his Franklin Covey planner, so scheduling appointments with him was hit or miss. If he had his planner, he would write down the meeting details, but if he had forgotten it at home (as Read More

The Burn In Listerine – A Brilliant Marketing Ploy

Are you a mouthwash person? If so, you’re like millions of others who value their oral hygiene. And like millions of others, you probably don’t know which mouthwash is the best for you. But if you’re like me, you use Listerine. And if your like me, you use it for only one reason:IT BURNS.You can actually feel it working. You know—fighting plaque, preventing tooth decay and gum disease, things that will keep you out of the dentist's chair. Or, that’s what you assume anyway. Whether its Read More

What I Mean When I Say “Cool”

Something I’ve recently caught myself doing is calling features and benefits “cool” when talking to friends and customers.For me, this is natural, and it’s the result of good intentions. Cool means everything wonderful and worthwhile. It's actually a business term, as far as I'm concerned. Apple makes cool products. Google has a cool search engine. Net profits are cool.But I've got to know my audience. I’m finding that there’s a disconnect when I talk to clients that are older than me. Read More

Take Me Off Your Text Message List!

A while ago, I was zipping down the interstate, listening to the radio (which I rarely do.) There was a contest to win tickets to see Kenny Chensey live, and all you had to do to enter was text some word like "kenny" to some number like 55555. So I did. I like Kenny Chesney, and I like free concerts even better. I didn't win. What I didn’t know is that by entering the contest, I also had signed up to be a part of the radio station's lame text message list. So about three times a week, I’d get Read More

Remember Those Disposable DVDs?

Today's subject is the history of technology, and predictions we used to make about where we'd be today. So, if I really wanted to, I could go way back in time and write something cliché about what previous generations predicted we would have been driving by now... hovercraft,  rocket jet packs, personal spaceships, lunar rovers, out-of-body teleportation, etc. But I won't. But still, it's an interesting concept—talking about how far technology has come, where it was in the past, and where will Read More – Overdue for Extinction

You know how there are some things in life that sound good on paper, but turn out to be not-so-great in real life? An idea where, when put into practice, you're confounded by why it didn't work, because it seemed so brilliant? was one such idea. ...except for that it wasn't even good on paper. Anyone remember them? They were one of the goofiest internet startups of all time. Founded in 1998, the basic premise was: Consumers could turn on their computers, "dial up" (as we said back in those Read More

Ace Hardware Is Awesome

I've noticed something in the past year or so: there are a lot of Ace Hardware stores popping up in Colorado Springs. Funny thing too—I thought Ace was on the verge of bankruptcy just a few years ago. And I thought, for sure, Home Depot would have buried them with their massive selection and super-low prices. Especially because Ace is so small comparatively. In my neighborhood, they share a building with Office Depot. And they're the smaller of the two. So how does Ace do it? Here's what I've noticed: Read More

My Most Powerful Business Tool: The iPhone

Every once in a while, when I pull out my iPhone to put in a calendar item or check my email, someone standing next to me will strike up a conversation about smartphones and eventually say something like "I would get an iPhone, but they're too expensive for me" or some other comment that seems a little ignorant and a comes off as a little annoying. I always do careful research before I buy things, and I can feel good about my purchases after the fact. But what's interesting is that aside from the Read More

The Roadside Tamale Man

The other day I finally did it—I actually stopped at one of the little roadside stands with the tiny cardboard sign that says “tamales 4 sale.” As soon as I pulled up, the older hispanic guy who had been napping and listening to salsa music on the radio opened his car door and waved at me. I rolled my window down: “Hola Señor! Tu tiene tamales? Quantos cuestan?”   “Oh… you speaka Spanish?? Where you learna Spanish my friend?” “Mi clase de espanol en colegio, y me trabajo.” Read More

Apple’s iPhone 4 Press Conference

I'm a big fan of Apple. Almost everything about the company is noteworthy. Steve Jobs is the consummate CEO for a tech company. Their products are second to none. Their approach to packaging and product design is revolutionary. They're consistently ranked in the top 3 of every consumer satisfaction survey (including Consumer Reports). The iPhone is the coolest phone ever made. In short, Apple is awesome. That's my opinion, and that's been my experience. For some people however, Apple is a company Read More