How Not to Connect on LinkedIn

Recently I've gotten several requests from people to connect on LinkedIn. Which is normally fine. But what I find annoying is when somebody I don't know—at all—sends a request to connect with no note, or instructions, or any other indicator of who on earth he or she is. When I get these, I do NOT hit the "accept" button, but instead hit the "reply (don't accept yet)" button located just below it, and compose this same short, sweet message: After this point, I usually get one of four responses: Read More

Ron’s Rants: Copyright Notices

Ok, rant time. You know how sometimes you're searching for something online, or looking through a photo album for an event, and you find a great photo, but it's ruined because the photographer put a giant, obtrusive copyright notice right on the photo? I hate it when that happens. I'm not talking about an elegant copyright notice, or a neat, clean line with the photographer's information towards the bottom of the photo. I'm talking about the really obnoxious kind that screams out at you like someone's Read More