Guest Post: What Baseball Means to Me

[This is a guest post from my Uncle Mike. He's a great man, a great Uncle, a retired Marine, and a huge fan of Baseball. He's also the man I know as "Uncle Fun." -Ron] Baseball was, is, and always will be the one dependable bastion of camaraderie and commonality amongst Americans of all stripes, for it is this great game that Democrats, Republicans, Moderates and Extremists all turn to for a respite from the rigors and grind of daily life. What adult among us does not still experience a childlike Read More

Guest Post: Parkour is Not a Crime

[Note: This is a guest post, from my little brother, Ryan Stauffer. He's 17, and lives outside Pueblo, Colorado. As you will see, he clearly has a passion for Freerunning and Parkour. Slightly edited for brevity, I'm sharing an essay he wrote to help him spread the word here. -Ron] My name is Ryan Stauffer. I am 17 years old, and I am what you call a “freerunner”, or “traceur.” This means that I practice the art of Parkour. I have been training in parkour for over three years. It is my mission Read More