Surfing at Ocean Beach in San Diego

I got to check off one of the things on my bucket list this week: trying surfing. I've gotta admit, I grew up relatively close to the ocean and we went to the beach all the time but I never tried surfing before. It's much, much harder than I ever expected. It's given me a whole new level of respect for "surf bums" and other guys who do it all day. I don't know how they can—I spent less than an hour giving it a try, and it took every ounce of energy I could muster. I was constantly winded from the Read More

My Email with Hugh Syme

Earlier this week, I was sorting through some emails from years past (way back in early 2009, to be precise), and stumbled across this one from when I first started my own business. I had recently finished photography classes at Pikes Peak Community College and figured I would get into business doing graphic design and photography. (This was very short lived and I quickly learned that this was not the right direction). However, while I was still in the design mode, I started doing research on design, Read More

Ashley Photography

I know a lot of photographers. So many, in fact, that I think I know more photographers than I do Realtors, and that's really saying something. However; there are very few people who call themselves photographer who have actually earned that title. I know: I studied photography in College. I used to do film photography, and up until this year, I had a darkroom in my basement where I would laboriously "pour the soups," developing film and creating prints for hours in the darkness and emerge, exhausted, Read More

A Font In My Own Handwriting

I just found the coolest service online: a way to turn my own handwriting into a font for my computer and, (as evidenced here), my own website. If you're pretty tech savvy, it's fairly simple. Step 1: go to Fontifier and upload your handwriting to create the font. It's just nine bucks and you get to keep it forever. Step 2: visit Fontsquirrel's @font-face generator. Take your font you made earlier, and upload it. The service will convert it and give you a kit to download. Step 3: download the Read More

Measuring Sound Quality

(Shh… don’t tell anyone.) When I was growing up, while my parents were gone and we were home alone, I would find LPs from the Swedish disco band ABBA in the cabinet in the living room and put them on their Hi-Fi record player, and push play. I remember it like it was yesterday—the needle crackling as the turntable starts spinning up… here come the brassy female vocals, packed with soaring treble, the deep thumping bass, and the crisp, clean guitars… Still to this day, I haven’t found Read More

Take Me Off Your Text Message List!

A while ago, I was zipping down the interstate, listening to the radio (which I rarely do.) There was a contest to win tickets to see Kenny Chensey live, and all you had to do to enter was text some word like "kenny" to some number like 55555. So I did. I like Kenny Chesney, and I like free concerts even better. I didn't win. What I didn’t know is that by entering the contest, I also had signed up to be a part of the radio station's lame text message list. So about three times a week, I’d get Read More

The Roadside Tamale Man

The other day I finally did it—I actually stopped at one of the little roadside stands with the tiny cardboard sign that says “tamales 4 sale.” As soon as I pulled up, the older hispanic guy who had been napping and listening to salsa music on the radio opened his car door and waved at me. I rolled my window down: “Hola Señor! Tu tiene tamales? Quantos cuestan?”   “Oh… you speaka Spanish?? Where you learna Spanish my friend?” “Mi clase de espanol en colegio, y me trabajo.” Read More

Tumblr in Under One Hour

Ok, I admit it. I'm a web developer and I'm using Tumblr. Sue me. :)In all honestly, I'm completely stunned by my very first try with the the world's supposedly fastest—and easiest—blogging platform: Tumblr. Guess what? It truly is as easy as they say. So I created a blog for myself. A super-tiny repository to house the various nuggets of wisdom I've collected over the years, from my own experience and from the wisdom of others.I decided to set a challenge for myself, to see if it was even possible.The Read More