Adding Windows Media to a Mac

So you've just bought a Mac and you're really excited about all the fun new features that come built in... and then while you're transferring old files from your Windows computer, you realize that all your old music is in WMA format from the Windows Media Player and won't play in iTunes. Arrgh. What to do? Easy. Go to and buy the Easy WMA software for $12.99. Download it, and add all your old Windows-formatted music to the queue and watch it quickly and easily convert everything into Read More

Help! I moved a window off my screen!

If you've accidentally moved a window off screen on you mac, don't panic. It's happened to me before as well. This usually happens when you've recently been working on a laptop (such as a MacBook or MacBook Pro) and had it plugged into an external display—typically 23" or 24" inches. (Those seem to be the most problematic for me anyway.) Oftentimes once you disconnect the external display, your windows are arranged in a strange and funky way, and sometimes the programs you were working on are Read More

Keyboard Shortcut For “Don’t Save”

Here's an annoying little bug: when using most programs on a Mac, if you close (CMD+W) or quit the program (CMD+Q), you'll get a message asking "Do you want to save the changes you made in (such and such application)?" You then have three options: Don't Save Cancel Save And if you're like me, you're moving so fast that it's annoying to have to find the window, and click on the "Don't Save" button and you wish it would be as simple as pressing one button to choose "Don't Save," but for some Read More

iCal Can’t Verify The Identity Of The Server

So there's an incredibly annoying error message that pops up when you try to connect iCal to a CalDAV account. It goes like this: iCal can't verify the identity of the server "". The certificate for this server was signed by an unknown certifying authority. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to to be "" which could put your confidential information at risk. Would you like to connect to the server anyway?" This is one of those Windows-type errors, whereby Read More

2010 Mac Gems

Ok, the end of the year is nearing, and so I think it's time that I share my votes for the best Mac Gems of 2010. Of course, I give full credit to the best magazine ever—Macworld—for coming up with the whole "let's review hundreds of tiny Mac applications that third party developers and open source groups make and publish a list of our favorites" idea... but they've pretty much reviewed every app that's ever been made, or will be made in the future, and I don't have time for that. So here's my Read More

Things That Bug Me About Apple Products

Sometimes, people (usually those who are sold on Microsoft Windows) like to say that Apple users are "fanboys." This is a pejorative term of sorts, and what a guy essentially means when he calls you a fanboy is "you just like Apple products because they're trendy and make you look über-chic—you would never complain about any flaws because Apple can do no wrong in your eyes, and all you ever do is blindly praise the little company from Cupertino and their scruffy, pale CEO Steve Jobs." Or something Read More

My Dad Has Joined The Mac Cult

I helped my Dad buy an iMac today. That means he has now officially joined the club. I dropped it off, and he asked me “Great, so how do I set it up? …wait, you’re probably going to tell me all I have to do is turn it on, right? And that's it? It's that easy? No user manuals? Complicated software installs? Virus scans?” I smiled, and said “Now, you finally understand. Welcome to the Mac club!” Ahh. Now I won’t have to field tech support phone calls from my family. Cause Macs just work. Read More

Yes, This Is an iPad. Now Leave Me Alone.

I love my iPad. I also hate my iPad. Here's why. When I need some quiet time to think, or relax, I’ll often go to my home away from home (Starbucks), pull out my iPad, turn off my phone, and start reading a new eBook I’ve just bought on web design, marketing, or something similar. Every few minutes or so, a random stranger will walk up to where I’m sitting, awkwardly try to catch my attention, and start talking. Stranger: Is that an iPad? Me: Yep. Stranger: Do you like it? Me: Yep. Stranger: Read More

Apple’s iPhone 4 Press Conference

I'm a big fan of Apple. Almost everything about the company is noteworthy. Steve Jobs is the consummate CEO for a tech company. Their products are second to none. Their approach to packaging and product design is revolutionary. They're consistently ranked in the top 3 of every consumer satisfaction survey (including Consumer Reports). The iPhone is the coolest phone ever made. In short, Apple is awesome. That's my opinion, and that's been my experience. For some people however, Apple is a company Read More