The Dangers of Growing a Full Beard – A Social Experiment

Ron Stauffer with a long beard
For the past decade or so, my facial hair has fluctuated back and forth between neat and trim, and fully grown and bushy. As any man who's taken the time to grow a full beard knows, the strangest part isn't having a beard itself, but everything that goes along with it. I never really stopped to think about these things—and you can't—until you just try it for yourself. Normally in the summer time, I either shave most of my beard off, leaving "chops" or sharply-defined sideburns, or at least Read More

Wow, I Didn’t Know You Sang!

I'm a pretty private person. People who know me might be aware of this, but I don't think they have a clue just how private I am. You could say I'm "guarded," and you could even mistake me for being "anti-social" at times. But I don't really care what you call it—I just prefer to live most of my life without explaining everything I do to everybody I know. I think I've recently been able to determine that there are two main reasons for why I'm so private. First, I think part of why I'm so private Read More

My Policy On Blog Comments

One of the most interesting aspects I've found about blogging (and the Internet in general) is the fact that people will comment on a particular blog post or article they read. I find it interesting because it's only with the power of the Internet that you can actually have an interactive conversation like this. In years past if you read an article in print and either agreed or disagreed with it, all you could do was mail a "letter to the editor" and I hope it would get published in a future issue. With Read More

Read My Posts at the Colorado Springs Independent

I have some happy news to share—if you haven't seen many blog posts here recently, there's a reason. I'm now a featured blogger at the Colorado Springs Independent. I'm still posting the same kinds of things as before: info about websites, technology, the Internet, and more. So I'll probably not post here as often since that's taking the time I would normally use to write here. Come check out what I've written on the CS Indy blog here: The Web Guy. Thanks! Read More

It’s Pronounced “Stauffer” — “Au” as in “Faucet”

What are the more annoying things I've experienced in my lifetime is the fact that people just can't seem to pronounce my last name correctly. Really? Is it really that hard? My name is Ron Stauffer. Stauffer. Stauffer. S-T-A-U-F-F-E-R. In case you're wondering, the "au" is pronounced "au" as in "faucet." Years ago, my dad did a bunch of genealogy research to figure out exactly where the Stauffer family came from. We're obviously of German ancestry, but our particular family line comes from a family Read More

A Father’s Perspective on Homebirth

If you know me well, you probably know my family is a home birth family. Which means, of course, that we choose to give birth to our children at home with a midwife in attendance. If you didn't know that about me, congrats! You will now learn all about a huge aspect of my life.My wife and I have five children, ages seven and under, so for the past eight years we've been consumed with all things pregnancy, babies, labor, and birth. This year, we're just now starting to take a breath from all the craziness Read More

I’m a Sucker for Print Magazines

I'm a digital guy. I'm part of the digital generation that grew up with computers and cell phones. Technology is my friend! When I want to read the news, I get it online. When I need to write something down, I whip out my iPhone and jot down whatever comes to mind in my Notes app. (Or, since I got my iPhone 5, I just tell Siri to write down my notes for me!) When I want to talk to someone, I email or text them. When I want to set an appointment in the future, I open up iCal and book it in my electronic Read More

Rackspace Cloud U Certification

I recently took an exam about Cloud Computing from Rackspace, to test my knowledge in how Cloud Computing works, who the big players are, what the benefits are, and more. Since this is a topic I'm already extremely familiar with, I took it in a weekend and got a 90%. The exam focused on the different kinds of Cloud services offered these days: Platform as a Service (Paas), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and the much more well-known Software as a Service (SaaS). The goal was to demonstrate my Read More

Google AdWords Certification

I recently took two Google Exams: 1) Google Advertising Fundamentals and 2) Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam, and boy were they a doozy! (And by that I mean they were HARD!) I spent over 55 hours studying for both of them, but I passed which means I've finally earned this handy little certificate that says I'm Google AdWords Qualified.This certification just shows people that I know how to run profitable Google AdWords campaigns and I can help businesses advertise online using the power of Read More

Never Sit in the Same Chair

I like taking classes. Especially classes outside of a traditional school environment, and when I don't have to do homework. So I take lots of them. I take extracurricular classes all the time. Free classes, paid classes... I've taken classes on all kinds of things: bonsai gardening workshops, how to get out of debt, public speaking, writing, basic accounting small businesses classes, Citizens' Academies put on by my local government, classes on social media, and much, much more. I have an insatiable Read More