The Annoying Front Door Guy At Best Buy

I went to Best Buy last week, and walked in the door at my normal, slightly-brisk walking pace. I had some spring in my step, but I wasn't walking abnormally fast. The automatic glass door opened up, and I entered the building. I saw the guy in the yellow shirt at the front door who checks people as they exit. He was typing on his little computer and talking to another employee standing there with him.I starting walking to the video camera section. I was probably 25 feet inside the store at this Read More

Make My Website #1 In Google

Of all the questions I've heard in my few years in the business, there's one I hear far more often than any other. And I dread it every time I hear it:Can you make my website number one on Google? Why does it bother me so much? I'll tell you. It's the wrong question. I'm not really interested in trying to make sure that your website rises to the very top of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) just for the sake of being on top. That's not my job. My job is to create a killer web presence for your Read More

Tumblr in Under One Hour

Ok, I admit it. I'm a web developer and I'm using Tumblr. Sue me. :)In all honestly, I'm completely stunned by my very first try with the the world's supposedly fastest—and easiest—blogging platform: Tumblr. Guess what? It truly is as easy as they say. So I created a blog for myself. A super-tiny repository to house the various nuggets of wisdom I've collected over the years, from my own experience and from the wisdom of others.I decided to set a challenge for myself, to see if it was even possible.The Read More

MacWorld’s Shortened URLs

It's no secret—I like URL shorteners. A lot. And as long as my mind's still stuck on the subject of technologies that were ahead of their time...I was leafing through my MacWorld magazine at the kitchen table the other day, and saw (as I've seen a thousand times before) their unique way of providing the reader with more information on a topic or article.If you're reading about a new Mac Gem, for example, and they've only got a small box to tell you about the product, they'll often say:"to learn Read More

Remember AOL Keywords?

How many of you remember watching TV about a decade ago, and seeing commercials for large, well-known companies (and I mean really large ones—say, for example, Proctor & Gamble) and hearing "visit us on the world wide web at, or type in AOL Keyword: 'laundry'"?I was thinking about this the other day... AOL was way ahead of the curve on this. They were so far ahead of the curve that it didn't catch on. I know some people just slightly younger than me might say "AOL? Who's that?" Read More

Moving To Colorado Springs, Colorado – A Strange Experience

My family moved to Colorado Springs from Northern California in 1998. We came here for many reasons: clean air, minimal pollution, very little traffic, low crime rates, low taxes, and (most importantly), we had family here. A few weeks in, I noticed that there are some strange quirks about living in Colorado (and Colorado Springs, specifically) that I hadn't expected. So for anyone interested, here is my list of the funny quirks of "The Springs," my home sweet home. Colorado Springs is a major Read More